Our price offer for provided services is competitive, set individually and subject to financial abilities of our customers. During the course of order fulfilment our specialists visit the client’s premises, collect all necessary data, perform analysis, measurements and calculations and prepare conclusions to the documentation. Generally the period for preparing the documentation does not exceed 45 days from the day of signing the agreement.

Recent years were a period of major changes in the environmental protection law in Poland. These changes were due to the process of transposition of European Union law to Poland. Between 2000 and 2002 new legal acts were implemented which are to harmonise domestic law to the legal regulations in force in European Union. To such new legal acts belongs the Environmental protection law (Dz. U. Journal of Law no 62, item 627 of 2001) of 27 April 2001. This act regulates in a complex and compound way the legal aspects of environmental protection, nearly assuming a form of a code. From the beginning of 2002 the new Water law is in force (Dz. U. Journal of Law no 115, item 1229 of 18 July 2001), the Act on wastes (Dz. U. Journal of Law no 62, item 628 of 27 April 2001) and the Act on the duties of the entrepreneurs in the scope of managing some wastes and the product and deposit charges (Dz. U. Journal of Law no 63 item 639 of 11 June 2001). In the near future we shall also see a change in the fishing law, building law and the act on spatial planning.

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